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Simplify your workflow from end to end by uncovering effective, risk-free, lean, and agile concepts within your organisation.

How I Can Help

Innovative strategies tailored to your business


Harness the power of software development in providing the best business solutions.


Streamline day-to-day activities within compact systems that guarantee optimum efficiency gains.


Determine your venture’s formation with the appropriate legal and financial structures.

Idea / Products

Gain deep insights into your target market and offer real solutions to their problems and pain points.


Sustain your momentum with consistent and continuous capital from stable sources with low risk.


Establish your brand as an authority in your industry or niche through results-driven campaigns.


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Speaker and Panelist at Numerous Industry Conferences
Quoted in The Economist Intelligence Unit, Express, and Metro
Top 20 Biggest Names Behind ICOs – StockHax
CFO of the Year – Wealth & Finance Magazine

Ready to take
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the next level?

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About Javed Khattak

I am a qualified actuary (FIA), an award-winning C-suite executive, and a strategy cum business consultant.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve founded several successful businesses and brought many ideas to life through my skills, experience, and network. In addition, with my breadth of experience, I’ve been instrumental in helping numerous startups grow and scale.

I have also been fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds in the business. In addition, I've led large and complex projects valued at over £100 billion. My role in large corporations involved advising and working with the senior management of FTSE100 companies and global household brands such as HSBC, Thomson Reuters, GSK, M&S, Aviva, PwC, and PA Consulting Group.

I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and I am a firm believer in giving back to society. Empowerment, financial inclusion, education-based projects, and mentoring charitable initiatives are close to my heart.

Need help turning your vision into a profitable venture?

That’s where I come in. I deliver exceptional results and develop novel solutions to challenging business problems. My experience comprises successful multi-billion dollar projects and startups that are just getting off the ground.









Value Creation

Notable Projects

Launched a blockchain based SSI solution listed on several CEXs and DEXs – Cheqd

A key member of the Cheqd’s core founding team that launched its mainnet chain (in the Cosmos ecosystem) in late 2021, with its own crypto-token, CHEQ. CHEQ’s market cap at launch was over $500 million and has ambitions to be a unicorn.

Cheqd offers SSI and digital identity vendors a blockchain based, secure and efficient solution that includes payment rails, allowing vendors to develop sustainable commercial business models. Cheqd to date has secured over 50% of SSI vendors as partners.

Developed the world’s first mental health software

Based on years of academic research, founded the mental wellbeing enhancement software. By helping teams improve their efficiency and reduce stress, whether in the office or working from home, it reduces business costs while supporting mental health and wellbeing of the staff.

Launched a FCA registered fund in 2018 – Zisk Investments

A unique fund offering launched with a structure and offering that’s very unique in that Javed devised this working with specialist lawyers where most UK lawyers do not have an understanding of regulations around this structure. The fund can hold up to €500 million unleveraged assets under management.

Built a multi-award winning proptech platform – Zisk Properties

Founded the multi-award winning UK-based PropTech company to offer innovative solutions through technology. Aiming to revolutionise the property space, by focusing on solving actual problems. This includes fractionalising property investments, connecting global properties with global investors, and streamlining property sales and lettings process.

Providing banking access to the unbanked using blockchain – Humaniq

Played an integral role in the formation and launch of Humaniq, a $100-million startup that aimed to connect 2 billion unbanked Africans with the financial sector through preeminent technologies such as blockchain and biometrics.

Track Record

Current Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at cheqd

20 Years in Consulting FTSE 100 and Startups

For two decades, I have been a consultant to established companies such as PwC, Conduent, PA Consulting Group, Xerox HR Services, GSK, HSBC, M&S and UBM. At the same time, I have supported numerous startups in the UK, Africa and other parts of the world.

My areas of expertise are technology, strategy, finance, investments and legal. I work closely with and advise senior management of large and small organisations in solving key business issues. I also help the board and senior stakeholders make key decisions and strategise on commercial, financial and business analyses.

13 Years in Software Development and Digital Marketing

I am also the Co-Founder of Seerbytes, a global award-winning London-based company with offices in seven countries.

Seerbytes delivers world-leading solutions in technology, software, design and marketing to known and unknown brands, big and small. Clients include Mercedes, KFC, Domino’s, central banks, governments, startups, and small businesses.

The company prides itself on solving business problems using a holistic approach.

12 Years in Entrepreneurship

I have also led entrepreneurial ventures and startups in IT and web development, consulting and coaching, and innovation industries.

I’ve consulted on strategy, operations, investments, finance and risk, stakeholder management, models and analysis development, pitches, and market research.

My clients included startups and SMEs.

8 Years in Coaching

I regularly coach and mentor individuals with exceptional talent who want to find their feet in the business world or transition from a corporate career. In addition, I am the Co-Founder and Chairman of JKCoach, an organisation that helps individuals achieve their goals through coaching services.

JKCoach provides direction in education, business, career, and life.

8 Years as an Actuary

For two years, I provided actuarial consulting and advice to clients ( both corporates and trustees) of Conduent HR Services. I consulted on risk management, pension liability management, the development of complex actuarial models, internal training, and products and services.

I was also a Senior Actuarial Consultant at PwC, where I offered actuarial advice to FTSE100 and FTSE250 corporates, including GSK, HSBC, M&S, and UBM. My services encompass a broad range, such as pensions, executive rewards, and M&A in the wider HR context.

7 Years in Real Estate and Investment

I am also the Co-Founder and CEO of the multi-awarded Zisk Properties in London. Since 2014, Zisk Properties has been making property investment easy, flexible, convenient, and accessible. In 2018, I launched an FCA-registered small Alternative Investment Fund which offers unique and exciting investment opportunities to our investors and can hold assets of up to €500 million.

My team and I help investors find quality, high-yield, and capital growth opportunities while also guiding them in investing, selling, diversifying, and reducing risk.

7 Years in Blockchain and AI

As current Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at cheqd, I provide transformational blockchain technology to support the company’s mission to create innovative digital credential business models with incentives that reward both institutions and individuals with the ability to control their data.

As a member of the Board of Directors and Finance and Growth Partner at Ztudium, I play a major role in the company’s software development, consulting, and digital social publishing services. Ztudium specialises in technology, digital transformation, AI, blockchain, and DLT technology. It also publishes digital business intelligence networks of,,,, and

As CFO of Humaniq, I led the financial and legal aspects of the company, achieving ten times the valuation of its own cryptocurrency token (HMQ) at $50 million in just over a year, from the $5.2 million we had raised in its ICO. For these wins, I received the CFO of the Year award from Wealth & Finance Magazine.

I have also successfully led a Fintech project for the Central Bank of an African country, helping digitise their financial structure and create a financial product marketplace using the latest technology including blockchain and AI.

Similarly, I have been involved as a strategic advisor and executor of a Crypto-Bank project, which included acquisition of a UK bank. The strategy included devising the project offering, strategy, digital marketing, and identifying cum evaluating target banks.

For a Tech Startup with a budget of $500K, I was able to develop and implement end-to-end technology and a digital marketing strategy. I also spearheaded the negotiations, business plan, pitch decks, and legal matters which helped the client close a $5 million funding.

I advised another client on the most advanced AI-based video recognition software that can be taught particular behaviours.

2 Years in Wellness Technology

In 2019, I co-founded Wellness Assist, a tech company that develops products targeting modern-day corporate workforce issues like stress, cognitive overload, distractions, anxiety, and fatigue. Our primary goal is improving mental wellbeing and reducing chronic illnesses resulting from ongoing stress.

At Wellness Assist, we developed a smartwatch for the brain, which tracks and provides biocybernetic feedback to help improve efficiency and maintain mental wellbeing.

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Services You Get

All the expertise you need, in one place

  • Tax Consulting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Risk Assessment

Tax Consulting

Remain on the good side of HMRC. With our expertise in tax law, your business can benefit from deductibles while staying compliant.


Outsourcing this function is more practical for startups and small businesses. With our tech-driven systems, recording your financial transactions will be faster, secure, and accurate.

Risk Assessment

Identify and analyse events in your business environment that could potentially cause negative results. Our methods take into consideration all factors that directly and indirectly impact your enterprise.


We can fill in the shoes of the CFO until you get one on board while you have the assurance that comes from knowing that your cash flow will be handled with discretion. We specialise in capitalising on financial strengths and correcting weaknesses.


Place the accounting function of your organisation in our able hands. We guarantee to maintain your financial records with legislation-compliant results.


We will create complex mathematical models that forecasts the performance of your business, financial assets, investments, portfolio and any other analysis that your business needs. As a result, reduce risk and costs while improving efficiency and profits.


Get assistance with fund solutions – both vanilla and those specific to complex business objectives – that best meet your needs with access to UK and offshore fund structures. This can include only acquiring FCA permissions, or registering a small AIF with the FCA, or a fully authorised and regulated FCA vehicle in the UK, with equivalents overseas likewise achieved. You receive legal support, fund registration, and preparation of associated documents.


We make financial support simple. Find an angel or professional investors by gaining access to our exclusive and extensive network of governmental agencies, financial institutions, and private foundations.


Take advantage of the internet and technology to reach a wider customer base. Create a website and a strong social media presence for promoting your products and services. Improve processes and efficiencies while reducing your costs through technology that fits your business and purpose. Our software and technology development expertise encompass solutions for all business aspects.


Expertly scale your business through partnerships with other companies or takeovers of smaller ones. Make it a seamless, painless, and cost effective exercise with identification, valuation, due diligence, and negotiations done for you.


Get professional guidance on the business structure that best fits your profile – sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation – and business needs, including tax efficiency. Select the best jurisdictions for your business cases and receive support around legal jurisdictions like Singapore and Gibraltar, which can be blockchain- and token-friendly with clear regulations. Gain insights into other jurisdictions based on experience, benefits and drawbacks, such as the Caymans, Seychelles, Luxembourg, Bermuda, UK, and the British Virgin Islands.


Automated software that saves you the time, money, and effort expended in traditional accounting and bookkeeping. Defeat costly human error with technology.


Apply the capability of digital products to automate every possible aspect of your business. Create a centralised system that ensures every team member is in the loop and on the same page. Eliminate time-consuming meetings and reports while accomplishing daily deliverables. Who knew automation of operations can be so impactful?


Build an accessible brand and environment using our proven methods. Apply them within your organisation, in all your messages, and among your customers.


Proprietary processes that help you confidently create business roadmaps with clear and definite objectives. Know exactly where to start and what to prioritise.


Leave the brand building and promotions to us. Then, you can focus on product development, employee retention, customer loyalty, and business growth.


Benefit from coaching that creates future leaders for your business. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills required in their respective roles. Prepare them to step into more complex responsibilities.


In the digital age, today’s trend is tomorrow’s history. Keep abreast of current technological advances and consumer behaviour with our proven processes.


Create an exciting and satisfactory journey for your customers from start to finish. The roadmap places equal weight on closing sales and establishing a credible brand identity.


Get access to digital tools for reducing costs and increasing profits through measurable points. Get the competitive edge without compromising on the quality of your products or services.

Our Team


Steven, Founder

We are an ongoing client of Javed for several years – requiring regular organic marketing, ongoing quality content creation and combined with on-page & off-page SEO. In addition, Javed and his team also generate leads (both paid and organic) for our two pay to post content websites. Javed helps generate hundreds of paid clients to guest post on these platforms.

Haider, Product Manager

We wanted to launch a new offering for SMEs recently with the target to understand its demand and the product-market fit. Javed suggested avoiding surveys and focus groups – and developing a strategy around the offering itself with an MVP to test the market so we can collect real-life feedback. Javed and his team undertook the market analysis for us, developing a strategy to run paid ads combined with organic (email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns) to reach the end-user. We got the results at the end in a detailed report and Javed has then supported us in refining the offering.


Javed Khattak helped create the brand strategy and identified the target audience. A new product launch amidst the pandemic is really challenging, but Javed and his team ensured that we utilise the limited budget effectively. We started generating sales qualified leads within the first week of launching the campaign. Great work – 10 on 10!


Javed is an outstanding person with a lot of insight and perspective. He helped us create the business plan, 5 years financial projection and the product strategy. The 5 year financial forecast really gave us insight into planning the budget spending. We were also able to identify the key business metrics to focus on in the first 6-12 months.

Javed proved that his vast financial and startups experience is invaluable and we recommend every startup founder to discuss the strategy and financial plan with him!

Terry, Actuary

Javed is the most entrepreneurial person I know by a long shot. He has a real zest for creating something great for the world and doing it in the right way. He is incredibly intelligent and truly passionate about delivering a business that provides genuine value for its customers. He has an incredible work ethic when it comes to working tirelessly to make his dream a reality, always brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for how to achieve success for his customers as well as himself.

Javed is the deepest thinker and most articulate person I know – he considers all things from all angles. He is an excellent communicator, which became immediately apparent to me when I worked with him at PwC and continues to this day. He performs exhaustive research and welcomes challenges in order to come up with the best possible outcome, whether in business, in life, or his own personal beliefs and values.

Dinis, Author, Founder & Influencer

Javed is a man of high level strategy and meticulous focus. His dedicated work supports businesses, their models, and financial infrastructure, coordinating multiple teams and projects around the world. I have been working closely with him for years and respect him as a person, advanced financial and investment advisor, and CFO. I will continue doing so as we navigate through challenging times. Javed is one of the best financial experts and dedicated number crunchers with vision and capacity to go the extra mile and see behind the short term.

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