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Are you often plagued with questions such as how can human error be reduced? Perhaps it’s challenges related to increasing employee accountability that have you miffed.

Irrespective of the concern that brought you here, if you’re looking for a way to run a profitable business without having to micromanage every little aspect of it, you’ve come to the right place!

We help improve your operations by reducing risk and adding value by merging the best products, engineering services, and innovative technology. Eliminate errors, save time, remove redundancy, and get more done with our specialised automation consultation services and products.

What Is Digital Transformation?

As the name suggests, digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of a business. It fundamentally changes your operations and how you deliver value to your customers.

It is essential for all enterprises, no matter how big or small, as updated digital technology will help your organisation challenge the status quo. It will also help businesses grow quicker and with fewer resources—both human and investment. With the latest technology available on hand, your customer journey will also improve as they will enjoy better services. It’s a win-win situation that offers value to all parties involved.

Using technology to automate several tasks that don’t require the active involvement of management will reduce the time, effort, and money spent on these tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on more crucial aspects of your business and helping you grow.

What Is Business Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) refers to the process when technology is utilised to perform business tasks that may be repetitive or time-consuming.

For example, if you’re looking to hire a new employee, you may have to scan through hundreds if not thousands of applications. With process automation, you can identify suitable applicants without going through every application!

Automation for tasks such as these leaves your employees free to perform higher-value jobs, which, in turn, enables your business to have higher productivity and better output.

Therefore, a business with automated processes will be tenfold more efficient and thus have better customer service at a lower cost. This will, in turn, increase your revenue and profit margins.

The 4 Main Types of Automations We Provide

We offer four main kinds of automation that are essential for all types of businesses:

  • Basic Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Integration Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation
Basic Automation

It takes simple, elementary tasks and automates them with little to no coding. By digitising repetitive tasks, you eliminate errors and accelerate the speed at which transactions occur. Business Process Management (BPM) and RPA are two popular examples of basic automation.

Process Automation

This refers to utilising technology to efficiently execute recurring tasks and processes that do not require manual effort. Examples would be back-office administrative and financial tasks, transferring data from one source to another, updating records, and handling customer queries.

This helps streamline the process and avoid low productivity, employee dissatisfaction, paperwork, and the risks associated with human error.

Integration Automation

Integration Automation systems help incorporate a computerised, digitally processed system to cooperate and control the manufacturing system.

It uses technology that enables integration and automation of production and manufacturing processes to prevent errors. In a non-manufacturing business, Integration Automation promotes accurate and efficient data collection, process controls, and optimisation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation

AI is essentially when computer systems are used to imitate human intelligence and reasoning when dealing with large amounts of data. The system learns, predicts, and recommends the next step of action based on its programming.

Once your AI is in place, you can automate a multitude of tasks that don’t need human supervision. Examples would include predicting what customers like to buy, personalised targeting through digital advertisements, actuarial modelling, etc.

In some ways, it is more efficient than having a person performing the same tasks as the computer works faster and reduces the risk of errors.

What Are The Reasons Digital Transformation Strategies Fail?

84% of digital transformation strategies fail because of several reasons such as:

  • Lack of clear goals when initiating a digital transformation.
  • Mistakes with regards to setting goals, implementing strategies, managing risks and resources.
  • Internal resistance from the organisation or management.
  • Neglecting the customer experience and not making efforts to impact customers positively.
  • Lack of dedicated senior management.
  • Moving too fast too soon and not pacing the change
  • Lagging behind competitors.
  • Ignoring or not understanding and acting per the customers’ needs.
  • No support or change in internal culture towards accepting the digitisation process.
  • Compromising quality.

Our Methodology

We’ve cracked the code to make organisation-wide digital transformation as seamless as possible.

Agile Execution

This approach is based on incrementally fulfilling requirements throughout the life cycle. It includes all kinds of iterative development methodologies for software.

Design Validation

This involves constantly testing processes by which the device is proven or ‘validated’ to work as intended for the end-user.

Digital Design

This includes top-down or bottom-up design to structure a procedure, technique, or tool appropriate for your business mechanism or model. It is the study of the principles, procedures, and practices involved in designing.

The Services We Offer, And How They Can Help You

We do everything possible to ensure that you get the best experience. You’ll also love how effectively we can automate your business.

Here's how we do it:

  • Analyse your business to find gaps for appropriate automation.
  • Identify partners that shall provide fruitful collaborations to help you bring large-scale transformation and dynamic change.
  • Brainstorm strategies and effectively execute them to give you breakthrough results.
  • Modernise your applications and software to bring them up to date and make them user-friendly and more efficient.
  • Business Restructuring Services to modify the company’s operations and financial structure.
  • Development of Digital Strategies to use technology to improve your business’ performance.
  • User Experience to get deeper insights into users’ needs, requirements, abilities, and limitations to improve their interactions with your products and services.
  • IT modernisation to update technology to match up to the goals and standards of your business’ expansion.
  • Elimination of paper and manual data records to convert them into digital files that are conveniently filed and stored.
  • Centralising information on a digital platform to make it easily accessible.
  • Automating processes to save time and resources.
  • Agile Delivery approach.
  • Providing data-driven insights.

How We Automate Your Business Using Digital Transformation: Steps We Take For A Seamless Process

We’ve cracked the code to make organisation-wide digital transformation as seamless as possible. .

  • Analyse and address weaknesses and discover unexplored opportunities to help you unlock your company’s full potential.
  • Conduct a gap analysis to inspect inefficiencies and work towards decreasing redundancies.
  • Evaluate the organisation’s approach towards current technological trends and modern applications.
  • Research and understand the background of your budget and financial resources to structure an effective strategy, identify priorities, and finalise the scope of your company and its growth potential.
  • Create a roadmap to ensure that your business’ evolution aligns with the changing digital landscape before initiating a digital transformation.

Checklist of Transformation Services

  • Digital Marketing Excellence - advertising through digital channels to promote your business.
  • Strategic Communications - this includes management communication, public relations, advertising, etc.
  • Sales Enablement - providing your business and sales team with all the resources required to close deals.
  • Digital Customer Experience - to ensure that all your customer’s digital interactions with your company are positive and add value to them.
  • Digital Product and Service Design - to improve the quality of your customer’s experience with the help of strong digital elements.
  • Digital Operating Model Design - to provide a seamless experience to all parties while keeping the customer at the core.
  • Digital Quotient - it measures the performance of your organisation through the important key dimensions of digital maturity.
  • Transformation Planning - developing a strategy or plan to modify your business processes by changing policies, procedures, and processes.

How We Automate Your Business Using Digital Transformation: Steps We Take For A Seamless Process

We are experts in all sectors of the business finance industry, including:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Business Model
  • Automation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Domain Transformation
  • Cultural and Organisational Transformation

Our Team

Notable Projects

Launched a blockchain based SSI solution listed on several CEXs and DEXs – Cheqd

A key member of the Cheqd’s core founding team that launched its mainnet chain (in the Cosmos ecosystem) in late 2021, with its own crypto-token, CHEQ. CHEQ’s market cap at launch was over $500 million and has ambitions to be a unicorn.

Cheqd offers SSI and digital identity vendors a blockchain based, secure and efficient solution that includes payment rails, allowing vendors to develop sustainable commercial business models. Cheqd to date has secured over 50% of SSI vendors as partners.

Developed the world’s first mental health software

Based on years of academic research, founded the mental wellbeing enhancement software. By helping teams improve their efficiency and reduce stress, whether in the office or working from home, it reduces business costs while supporting mental health and wellbeing of the staff.

Launched a FCA registered fund in 2018 – Zisk Investments

A unique fund offering launched with a structure and offering that’s very unique in that Javed devised this working with specialist lawyers where most UK lawyers do not have an understanding of regulations around this structure. The fund can hold up to €500 million unleveraged assets under management.

Built a multi-award winning proptech platform – Zisk Properties

Founded the multi-award winning UK-based PropTech company to offer innovative solutions through technology. Aiming to revolutionise the property space, by focusing on solving actual problems. This includes fractionalising property investments, connecting global properties with global investors, and streamlining property sales and lettings process.

Providing banking access to the unbanked using blockchain – Humaniq

Played an integral role in the formation and launch of Humaniq, a $100-million startup that aimed to connect 2 billion unbanked Africans with the financial sector through preeminent technologies such as blockchain and biometrics.


Steven, Founder

We are an ongoing client of Javed for several years – requiring regular organic marketing, ongoing quality content creation and combined with on-page & off-page SEO. In addition, Javed and his team also generate leads (both paid and organic) for our two pay to post content websites. Javed helps generate hundreds of paid clients to guest post on these platforms.

Haider, Product Manager

We wanted to launch a new offering for SMEs recently with the target to understand its demand and the product-market fit. Javed suggested avoiding surveys and focus groups – and developing a strategy around the offering itself with an MVP to test the market so we can collect real-life feedback. Javed and his team undertook the market analysis for us, developing a strategy to run paid ads combined with organic (email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns) to reach the end-user. We got the results at the end in a detailed report and Javed has then supported us in refining the offering.


Javed Khattak helped create the brand strategy and identified the target audience. A new product launch amidst the pandemic is really challenging, but Javed and his team ensured that we utilise the limited budget effectively. We started generating sales qualified leads within the first week of launching the campaign. Great work – 10 on 10!


Javed is an outstanding person with a lot of insight and perspective. He helped us create the business plan, 5 years financial projection and the product strategy. The 5 year financial forecast really gave us insight into planning the budget spending. We were also able to identify the key business metrics to focus on in the first 6-12 months.

Javed proved that his vast financial and startups experience is invaluable and we recommend every startup founder to discuss the strategy and financial plan with him!

Terry, Actuary

Javed is the most entrepreneurial person I know by a long shot. He has a real zest for creating something great for the world and doing it in the right way. He is incredibly intelligent and truly passionate about delivering a business that provides genuine value for its customers. He has an incredible work ethic when it comes to working tirelessly to make his dream a reality, always brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for how to achieve success for his customers as well as himself.

Javed is the deepest thinker and most articulate person I know – he considers all things from all angles. He is an excellent communicator, which became immediately apparent to me when I worked with him at PwC and continues to this day. He performs exhaustive research and welcomes challenges in order to come up with the best possible outcome, whether in business, in life, or his own personal beliefs and values.

Dinis, Author, Founder & Influencer

Javed is a man of high level strategy and meticulous focus. His dedicated work supports businesses, their models, and financial infrastructure, coordinating multiple teams and projects around the world. I have been working closely with him for years and respect him as a person, advanced financial and investment advisor, and CFO. I will continue doing so as we navigate through challenging times. Javed is one of the best financial experts and dedicated number crunchers with vision and capacity to go the extra mile and see behind the short term.

Building a company from the ground up and making it thrive under diverse conditions and uncertainty is no easy feat. We will partner with you and help you keep pace as you expand and grow, cross borders and eye new markets.

Let us be your foremost resource in a constantly shifting entrepreneurial landscape!

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