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Real Estate is your passion, and so you decide to build a business around it. And then you discover that they are two different things.

Running a business involves multiple aspects, from Marketing and Finance to IT and Legal, to Organisational Development and Customer Management.

Suddenly, you find yourself so mired in the daily operations of the business that you’ve lost sight of your main objective: to give your clients a unique real estate expertise. One that sets you apart from the competition.

I Can Help You Get
Back on Track!

Whether you are into property development, real estate consulting or real estate sales. Whatever stage your business is at - in the pipeline, starting up, just launched, or looking to grow.

My team of experts will hold your hand until you get to the finish line. So you don’t have to waste hundreds (or thousands) of hours learning from your costly mistakes.

What We Do

We teach you invaluable skills to make your business a success, without the trials and errors; and in half the time


The backbone of your enterprise is also the roadmap to your success.


Generate deep insights into your target market’s needs and wants.


Set your strategic, operational, and financial areas on an upward trajectory.


Ensure every penny you spend is an investment that contributes to your bottom line.


Reduce your product or service into its simplest, most manageable form.


Increase your profit margin and identify active revenue opportunities.


Improve your competitive edge by harnessing the power of technology.


Revolutionise your real estate business with tech that solves actual problems.


Secure your transactions and establish tokenisation of property assets.


Make your money work for you, not the other way around.


Know all the regulations that cover your industry and niche.


Have an expert guide you at every step and on a one-on-one basis.


Access the right sources with minimal effort and optimum potential.

How It Works

Together, you and I will take these steps to grow your property business:

What is that one thing that only you can do? Your answer to this question is your USP. We will study the competitive landscape in your niche to find out your target market’s pain points, why other property firms are not addressing them, and then determine how you can fill that gap.

Next, we head to the drawing board and map your business plan based on your USP. It will be your business roadmap where we detail your financial and operational objectives, the core activities that you and your team need to perform to meet your short- and long-term goals, and their respective timelines.

We help you set minimum goals on essential business metrics so you can achieve growth and be able to scale. These include ROI, operating cash flow, sales revenues, profit margins, debt-to-net profit ratio, cost of customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

Once this is done, we will help you devise a comprehensive business strategy that guarantees your operations will either meet or exceed your metrics.

This is the longest step of the process because it involves a multitude of intricacies. If your business is a brick-and-mortar store, it requires permits, design and construction. And if it is exclusively online, you would need to build a website or digital store with multiple capabilities.

Launching your real estate brand also entails advertising, PR, and marketing on all platforms where you can reach your audience.

And to maintain your presence on the top of your prospects’ minds, you must sustain activities that promote your products and services.

All this sounds like a tall order, and it is. That’s why we will provide you with templates that you can immediately apply or customize according to your preferences. This way, you can skip the guesswork and hit the ground running.

As your partner, our work does not end with the launch of your business. And if you already have an established business, then we can certainly come in to help you scale, solving any business problems along the way.

We will assist you in measuring the performance of your activities against the metrics that are important for success, and how each one impacts your enterprise. While it may sound simple but there’s a lot that goes into this. First, need to identify the key data points that are relevant for your business. Then recording them in a way which ensures accuracy and security. Following this, comes the data analysis.

We specialise in analysing vast amounts of business data and overlaying this with technical statistical analysis. This combined with our experience of similar businesses helps to ensure actionable insights are drawn from data that feed into refining your strategy and in turn scaling up your business.

Now that we have actionable insights, we help you implement these in the most tactical manner, that ensures outcomes are achieved that benefits your business. It may involve us working with your team or offering our experts for implementation, in particular if the implementation requires business change that’s not part of business as usual. Once we implement these, we train your team to ensure they are able to continue to efficiencies and results achieved.

And then it is simply a matter of continuing to collect data, analyse it and implement actionable insights to ensure the business continues to grow and be at the cutting edge of the frontier.

We also regularly look at your business objectives - as there are often short term business needs or goals to be met e.g. implement a new technology, or work with a new developer, or fight off a competitor bid, or support in a takeover or large property transaction. We ensure these short term objectives feed into your longer term strategy and support you in achieving them, again focusing on understanding the problem, doing the homework and then targeting the pre-agreed desired outcomes.

Real Estate Consulting Services Checklist

Within each step outlined above, there are several areas that require professional skills and a solid background. Consider us your one-stop-shop for these services:

An Agile Business

Use industry-specific software that enables you to deliver services to your customers faster and helps your business become more efficient and your operations more cost effective.

Cost Transformation

This tool allows you to reduce costs and increase profits through measurable points, while still staying competitive in the market.

Customer Experience

We create a customer journey that is exciting and satisfactory from beginning to end. We focus not only on closing sales but also on establishing your brand.

Learning and Development

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and keeping your team abreast of current trends is a must. We provide you with processes you can follow to make it a constant endeavour.

Training and Mentorship

Because every real estate market is different, there is no one-size-fits-all instructional manual that you and your team can follow. Allow us to help you skip the hit-and-miss stage and head straight from beginner to master level.

Sales and Marketing

From thematic brand building to promotional offers, we can take this task off your plate so you can, instead, focus on product development and business growth.

Strategy Development

Know where to start and learn what to prioritise when creating your real estate business roadmap using our proprietary processes.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity

Overcome these hurdles and build a brand that is accessible to all. Our proven methods can be applied within your organisation and among your customers.


Manage your day-to-day deliverables without the hassle of meetings and reports through a centralised system that keeps every member of your team in the loop and on the same page.

Financial Management

Accounting and bookkeeping are integral parts of your business, but they don’t have to be a burden. We can recommend automated software that will save you time, money and effort.

Legal Formations and Support

The legal structure of your business can be sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. We provide invaluable consultation in legal jurisdictions with specific regulations on blockchain and tokens, such as Singapore and Gibraltar. As well, we have extensive experience in other jurisdictions like the Caymans, Seychelles, Luxembourg, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When you’re looking to scale your business, getting into a partnership with another real estate firm or taking over a smaller one might be the most cost effective way to go. Our team of experts can guide you towards a seamless alliance or procurement with done-for-you identification, valuation, due diligence, and negotiations.


Even if you operate a physical store, you cannot escape the internet. You most certainly will need a website to promote your products and services on social media. We offer customised software and tech development that improve processes, reduce cost, and cover all business aspects.


Seeking financial support from governmental agencies, financial institutions, or private foundations can be a monumental task. We make it simple for you through our extensive network in the real estate industry.

Fund Formations (UK and Overseas)

Get access to UK and offshore fund structures with fund solutions that address both basic and complex business objectives. Our services include legal support, fund registration, and preparation of pertinent documents.

Our Recommended Areas of Focus

While all of the disciplines mentioned above are important, three of them are critical to your business’ survival. Thus, I suggest prioritising those, as follows:

Property Technology is taking over the Real Estate sector. You will be forging ahead in leaps and bounds when you take advantage of the potentials of these technological advances:


A secure system of recording transactions that is almost impossible to hack, ensures duplication of information across your entire network of computers. My experiences of leading successful blockchain companies like cheqd, Ztudium, Zisk Properties, and Seerbytes along with having consulted many others including Central Banks and Governments, I am an expert in developing blockchain software and strategy.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Units of data stored in a blockchain, are used to represent tangible objects, like art pieces and real estate, and digital files including images, audio and video. They certify each asset as unique and non-interchangeable.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Refers to a group of devices, people and objects outfitted with sensors that gather and transmit data to a single network. This technology allows businesses to increase revenue, reduce costs, streamline workflows, and automate operations processes. It is also one of the things I do at Ztudium.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Involves constructing smart digital machines that simulate human intelligence in both thought and action. AI is mainly used to automate tasks and assist humans in performing their jobs more efficiently. My role at Ztudium has equipped me with this expertise.


Are technologies that enable companies to produce and deliver goods and services through computer-controlled devices with little or no human intervention.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Setups

are apps that manage an organisation’s interactions and relationships with existing and potential customers.

Digital Marketing

Anchored on a data analytics driven strategy and quality sales funnels that deliver optimum results from lead generation to conversions is the best way to compete in the digital era. As co-founder of Seerbytes, I extend to smaller businesses access to solutions and services which were previously reserved for big brands.

Tech-based systems such as these boost efficiency, improve bottom line, facilitate innovation, and usher new ideas to the market. You can draw from my wealth of experience in PropTech, apply them to your business, and replicate my achievements.

Funding can prove to be the lifeblood of your business or the key requirement for your business to expand, so you should be spending a large chunk of your time in this area. Whether your business is incurring losses, or you wish to acquire another business, or you simply plan to expand your current enterprise, we can assist in raising investment funds. You may also want to raise funds for a real estate transaction or a property development / construction project.

We can facilitate that through our network of investors, that includes:

  1. Investors who receive equity or some form of stake within the project giving them exposure to the returns (profit/loss) of your business or the project. These include angel investors, family offices, VC or PE funds and institutional investors.
  2. Banks and other financial institutions that grant loans with attractive rates to ensure you have the funding and meet your business’ liquidity needs. We offer these services to any business, from startups to established companies already generating revenue.

If you want to set up a Real Estate Fund, we can help. A Fund is a vehicle for acquiring investments to be channeled into other assets such as real estate. It usually requires formal permissions. In the UK, for instance, Funds can have limited permissions, they can be an FCA registered alternative fund or a fully authorised and regulated one. The sole objective of a Fund is to realise returns and is responsible for managing the investor’s money based on the fund’s strategy and offering memorandum, in exchange for a fee.
We are one-stop shop “fund” solution - which includes consulting on the best structure or type of fund based on your and/or your investor’s objectives, piggy backing off another registered or authorised fund or creating your own fund.

Depending on your target investors and their risk aversion level, financial objectives and your chosen real estate niche, these are your options:

UK FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Regulated Fund

To offer credibility to your investors. This financial regulatory board operates independently of the UK government.

Offshore Regulated Fund

An investment vehicle outside UK jurisdiction, such as in the Bahamas or Cayman Islands, offers tax efficiencies and opportunities in international markets.

Loan Notes

Allow fundraising through a limited investor base at a specified interest rate. This financial instrument is similar to a promissory note but is issued by corporate entities and is taxable.

If you wish to target investors from a particular jurisdiction, the process can be complicated depending on where you are based. In the UK, particularly, the FCA is the financial regulator. While it brings credibility to the market, it also means you need to comply with stringent rules. And if not set up in the right way, accepting investor funds can constitute illegal activity.

With our expertise in fund structuring and funds acquisition, we can help you with the setup without incurring hundreds of thousands in fees. From very simple to very complicated structures, we can handle it all. And you will be able to achieve your objectives, be it tax efficiency, credibility, keeping costs low, or speed to market.

We provide various solutions appropriate to your specific preferences and the type of investors you wish to target:

Traditional Assets

  • Real Estate
  • Listed Securities (stocks)
  • Bonds
  • Cash Equivalents (money market, Treasury bills)

Non-Traditional (Exotic) Assets

  • Crypto Assets
  • Foreign Currency
  • Startup Shares
  • Commodities and Collectibles
  • Insurance Products

Targeting Institutional Investors

These include commercial banks, mutual funds, endowment funds, pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies.

Targeting HNWI, Sophisticated and Restricted Investors

In the UK, there are specific definitions for the different categories of Retail Investors you may target. These are:

  • High Net Worth Individual - with an annual income of at least £100,000 and net assets valued at £250,000 or more
  • Sophisticated Investor - can be one of the following:
    • A member of a network or syndicate of business angels for the last 6 months
    • An investor in an unlisted company in the last 2 years
    • A professional in the private equity sector or finance provision for small and medium enterprises currently or in the last 2 years
    • a director of a company with at least £1 million annual turnover
  • Restricted Investor - a simple investor who confirms not to invest more than 10% of their net assets into illiquid funds, excluding their home.

Investment Range

How much funding do you want to raise for your Fund? Will you request your investors for £1K or £100K? This number will determine the type of investor you will approach. Have you considered the level of administration, costs and potential impact of each strategy’s results on your business model?

Projected Returns Vs Guaranteed Returns

Your potential investor will expect you to present the profit (or loss) they can anticipate on their investment in your company. Initially, this will be the Projected Return based on historical data on rates of return (RoR).

If your prospective funding source requires a Guaranteed Return, you may be able to offer it in the form of bonds and coupons. This would require unique authorisations or a possible unsecured loan note agreement as well.

Sector of Expertise

Our expertise in the following niches will work to your advantage:


Covers homes, housing developments, and communities.


Offices, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, theatres, and parking lots.


Includes buildings, factories, logistics, and warehouses.


Rent collection, tenant management, maintenance, and repairs.


Purchasing of land, rezoning, and construction. Or renovation of existing structures.


Companies employing real estate agents to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of properties.

Notable Projects

Developed the world’s first mental health software

Based on years of academic research, founded the mental wellbeing enhancement software. By helping teams improve their efficiency and reduce stress, whether in the office or working from home, it reduces business costs while supporting mental health and wellbeing of the staff.

Launched a FCA registered fund in 2018 – Zisk Investments

A unique fund offering launched with a structure and offering that’s very unique in that Javed devised this working with specialist lawyers where most UK lawyers do not have an understanding of regulations around this structure. The fund can hold up to €500 million unleveraged assets under management.

Built a multi-award winning proptech platform – Zisk Properties

Founded the multi-award winning UK-based PropTech company to offer innovative solutions through technology. Aiming to revolutionise the property space, by focusing on solving actual problems. This includes fractionalising property investments, connecting global properties with global investors, and streamlining property sales and lettings process.

Providing banking access to the unbanked using blockchain – Humaniq

Played an integral role in the formation and launch of Humaniq, a $100-million startup that aimed to connect 2 billion unbanked Africans with the financial sector through preeminent technologies such as blockchain and biometrics.


Steven, Founder

We are an ongoing client of Javed for several years – requiring regular organic marketing, ongoing quality content creation and combined with on-page & off-page SEO. In addition, Javed and his team also generate leads (both paid and organic) for our two pay to post content websites. Javed helps generate hundreds of paid clients to guest post on these platforms.

Haider, Product Manager

We wanted to launch a new offering for SMEs recently with the target to understand its demand and the product-market fit. Javed suggested avoiding surveys and focus groups – and developing a strategy around the offering itself with an MVP to test the market so we can collect real-life feedback. Javed and his team undertook the market analysis for us, developing a strategy to run paid ads combined with organic (email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns) to reach the end-user. We got the results at the end in a detailed report and Javed has then supported us in refining the offering.


Javed Khattak helped create the brand strategy and identified the target audience. A new product launch amidst the pandemic is really challenging, but Javed and his team ensured that we utilise the limited budget effectively. We started generating sales qualified leads within the first week of launching the campaign. Great work – 10 on 10!


Javed is an outstanding person with a lot of insight and perspective. He helped us create the business plan, 5 years financial projection and the product strategy. The 5 year financial forecast really gave us insight into planning the budget spending. We were also able to identify the key business metrics to focus on in the first 6-12 months.

Javed proved that his vast financial and startups experience is invaluable and we recommend every startup founder to discuss the strategy and financial plan with him!

Terry, Actuary

Javed is the most entrepreneurial person I know by a long shot. He has a real zest for creating something great for the world and doing it in the right way. He is incredibly intelligent and truly passionate about delivering a business that provides genuine value for its customers. He has an incredible work ethic when it comes to working tirelessly to make his dream a reality, always brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for how to achieve success for his customers as well as himself.

Javed is the deepest thinker and most articulate person I know – he considers all things from all angles. He is an excellent communicator, which became immediately apparent to me when I worked with him at PwC and continues to this day. He performs exhaustive research and welcomes challenges in order to come up with the best possible outcome, whether in business, in life, or his own personal beliefs and values.

Dinis, Author, Founder & Influencer

Javed is a man of high level strategy and meticulous focus. His dedicated work supports businesses, their models, and financial infrastructure, coordinating multiple teams and projects around the world. I have been working closely with him for years and respect him as a person, advanced financial and investment advisor, and CFO. I will continue doing so as we navigate through challenging times. Javed is one of the best financial experts and dedicated number crunchers with vision and capacity to go the extra mile and see behind the short term.

The Bottom Line

Real Estate has always been, and continues to be, one of the major drivers of the economy. It is the most constant source of wealth among the affluent. If you are determined to start a property business, or to scale an existing one, know that we have your back.

The economy will recover and consumer trends will shift. Meanwhile, real estate will thrive as long as people need homes, governments deliver services, and manufacturers provide essentials. In the words of Andrew Carnegie - “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

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