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Understanding Blockchain

Among the most exciting technologies to come out in recent years, blockchain refers to decentralised digital ledgers that exist on multiple computers at the same time. They take the form of a chain of data blocks secured with a unique hash value that makes tampering with the data impossible.

Using blockchain to develop apps and platforms can bring trust and transparency to business ecosystems thanks to their ability to store immutable data.
We are a blockchain development company that can provide blockchain development services right from building a PoC to setting up a decentralised application, deploying it on the cloud or on-premise, and maintaining it after the development stage.
We also provide solid feedback and consults regarding feasibility and platform selection at the blockchain product development stage

Blockchain Services for

Blockchain can benefit various industries, including global supply chains, healthcare, government, financial services, and many more. Even startups and enterprises are exploring ways to disrupt blockchain to transform traditional business models.

Through our blockchain consulting services, our blockchain consulting team can help you understand how blockchain technology can bring transparency, traceability, security, and efficiency to your business’ digital ecosystem.

The Benefits of Blockchain

Better Security and Privacy

Two integral features of blockchains are the public and private keys that users have access to. Since it is mathematically impossible to determine a private key from a public one, blockchains offer exacting protection against hackers.

Efficient and Robust

As a superbly engineered, self-perpetuating system, blockchain also has years of development with inputs from some of the world’s most talented coders.


Not only does blockchain facilitate transactions without third-party elements, but it also allows users to create smart contracts and pre-programmed bots through decentralized apps to automate transactions.


Across a blockchain, all transactions are viewable - and the decentralized nature of the ledger itself allows for a universally shared set of transaction records.


Compared to traditional financial models, blockchain tech saves on huge intermediary costs, as all transactions happen directly between two individuals.


Blockchain transactions happen near-instantly - allowing you to conduct business in mere seconds. With no middlemen to worry about, data and currency can be sent and received quickly - and can be sped up even further using automation.


Let’s get real - from corporate lobbying to financial crises, most big financial institutions today aren’t really that trustworthy. Blockchain represents a different kind of platform - one that fosters user trust through high security and transparent terms.


As blockchain gradually gets adopted across various institutions and systems, its promise of unique, interesting, and revolutionary applications becomes increasingly clear. Several experts suggest that apart from currency, it can be applied to intellectual property (NFTs), voting, debt, crowdfunding, and other aspects of Web 3.0.

Industries That Benefit From Blockchain Technology

While blockchain represents a wide set of uses, its most popular and successful venture has been in the realm of finance. You could even suggest that Bitcoin’s origins were prompted by the 2008 financial crisis - in an attempt to change the way financial institutions handle money.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Impenetrable security
  • No human error
  • Digital currency

Like finance, healthcare in the modern era depends on collecting, analyzing, and sharing vast amounts of data - usually related to medical cases and patient files. Through blockchain, various levels of the healthcare management system can accurately track medical data over time without jeopardizing network security.

Key Benefits:

  • Secure medical data
  • Decentralized medical records
  • Easy supply-chain management

Both of these agencies require accountability and trust in order to facilitate donations and funding. While the current system is wholly opaque and perhaps not for the best reasons, blockchain first and foremost allows people to see exactly how and where their monies go.

Key Benefits:

  • Transparent internal operations
  • Facilitates cryptocurrency donations
  • Improved efficiency through automated smart contracts

One of the greatest triumphs of blockchain technology is how universally applicable it is. While it rests its case regarding currency use, the sky's the limit, provided blockchain developers continue to innovate and spread their expertise.

Blockchain can be used in:

Media: Smart contracts allow for content ownership to remain indisputable and clear, while transactions such as royalties can be streamlined without interfering intermediaries.

Shipping: Blockchain shipment trackers offer a super-secure way for logistics companies to track shipped goods with pinpoint accuracy in real-time, across millions of orders.

Insurance: Like most other financial sectors, insurance depends highly upon user trust and transparency. Blockchain facilities this through verifiable data exchanges, 100% visibility, and automated claims to speed up the user experience.

Real Estate: Every day, billions of dollars change hands on the global real estate market. Blockchain helps secure and track each of these transactions while enabling real estate tokenization as a new way to sell and buy property.

Automotive: The automotive industry is the progenitor of many efficient, universally followed systems across various manufacturing industries. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the motor industry can use blockchain to automate compliance verification, track car ownership, and even enable P2P ridesharing apps.

What We Do - Our Extensive List of Blockchain Services

We are a passionate, driven group of blockchain and crypto professionals that come equipped with substantial experience in this exciting new field. Some of the services and consultations we provide are:

Smart Contracts

Create custom protocols to verify, enforce, or audit a blockchain contract. A great way to automate transactions without getting third parties involved.


Get well-supported, expert consults regarding initial offers of cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and other crypto assets.

IoT and supply chain blockchain implementations

Understand the nuances of how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be applied through blockchain to supply chain management.

Tokenomics modeling

Use custom-scripted prediction tools to study and analyze how cryptocurrencies work in our broader digital ecosystems.

Development of NFTs

Join in a thriving marketplace of thousands - learn how NFTs work, how to sell and collect them, and even get your very own made.

SSI (self-sovereign identity)

SSI functions as a highly secure digital identity, functioning on blockchain technology - allowing for democratized online authentication that allows you to control what data you share with web pages or apps.

Asset tokenization

Convert assets such as property or even art into crypto tokens - allowing for more liquidity and flexibility between your investments.

Crypto wallets and integrations

Create or learn about crypto wallets, as well as how to integrate crypto support for your digital business.

Blockchain use cases for your business

Wondering how blockchain can benefit your business, but don't know where to start? Book a consult, let our team take a closer look, and uncover your company’s hidden potential.

Whitepapers and litepapers

Aiming to launch a bold new blockchain project, but need someone to organize and create a formal manifesto or whitepaper? We provide excellent services for the same, and can also create brief litepapers for your potential investors/clients.

Legal or corporate structuring consultations

Rely on our team’s wealth of blockchain implementation experience - we help you foresee and circumvent potential issues long before they take place.

How It Works

Our aim is simple - we want to help transform your business into a sleeker, more efficient, and feature-rich version of itself, through the power of blockchain solutions.

We start with a detailed consultation that takes into account your business’ history, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and specific needs.

We then conduct a thorough analysis of your project parameters, making sure that our solution is as robust as possible.

We don’t just implement blockchain solutions - we think out of the box and love ideas that have never been executed before. At this stage, we conduct deep research, while establishing the technical feasibility of your project.

Here’s where we let our code do the talking. After an exhaustive review of the previous steps, we get started on making your blockchain dreams come true.

Once your project has finished initial tests, we start incorporating it within your company’s existing framework. This involves training and educating your team in use case scenarios and other key segments, through dedicated workshop sessions.

Blockchain Legal and Compliance Consultancy

Navigating the unexplored waters of blockchain technology can be tedious - especially when you consider the legality of your project.

Our expert crypto team will join hands with our partner law firms to give you unmatched guidance, across a large variety of compliance and legal issues:

Token issuance and trading

Make sure any token projects you have are properly structured, token sale documentation is in order, agreements and terms are ideally drafted, etc. Launching an ICO or STO can be overwhelming for newcomers. We facilitate the process through informed, easy-to-understand guidance, every step of the way.

Licensing your company

Correctly getting your company licensed as per current regulations is a crucial step towards legitimizing your blockchain project. We make the procedure as painless as possible.

KYC and AML compliance

All blockchain tech needs to adhere to KYC (know your client) and AML (anti-money laundering) legal requirements. With stringent punitive measures being increasingly applied worldwide, it’s well worth investing in an expert team to make sure all your bases are covered.


Most tax systems have special provisions in place for blockchain applications - especially cryptocurrency. Our team helps you understand all compliance measures, and how to handle tax-related issues as they arise in the future.

Corporate Structuring

Most tax systems have special provisions in place for blockchain applications -especially cryptocurrency. Our term helps you understand all compliance measures, and how to handle tax-related issues as they arise in the future.

NFT Creation

The 2020s represent a massive boom in the spread of NFTs or ‘Non-fungible tokens’ - a revolutionary new way to trade in intellectual property. If you’re new and looking for help, we’ve got your back.

What are NFTs?

Simply put, NFTs are digital tokens that serve as records of ownership on a blockchain. Unlike say, a bitcoin - each NFT is unique and cannot be interchanged with anything else. This gives it a unique position to serve as a record of ownership for unique digital assets - such as autographed tweets or music recordings.

Why create NFTs?

NFTs add an incredible layer of functionality and unique use case scenarios for blockchain technology. Primarily, they can help you:

Monetize your work

Until NFTs arose, there was no way to maintain exclusive ownership of digital artwork, which could be easily replicated. NFTs allow you to sell digital art, similar to the way traditional art has been auctioned and sold for centuries.

Earn royalties off digital art

Along with exclusive ownership, NFTs allow digital art to be uniquely tracked and recorded on the blockchain when they are used - allowing creators to transparently earn royalties on their work.


NFTs represent much more than just a new way to own things. As our world becomes increasingly digital, NFTs may become even more popular as virtual reality creates digital real estate, digital memberships, and everything in between.

NFT Consultancy Services

Combining blockchain expertise with a keen understanding of intellectual property regulations, we help you design, create, launch, and collaborate with artists and creators in the NFT space.

Take advantage of our industry contacts, in-house production services, and expertise - breaking into the NFT space is just a single consult away!

Tokenomics Modeling

If you’re looking to launch your very own cryptocurrency, ‘tokenomics’ is a crucial step along your project pipeline.

In simple terms, tokenomics refers to the economic structure a token is based upon. This refers to how many tokens you wish to issue, how they’re ‘mined’, whether there is a top limit to the number of tokens - you get the picture.

Naturally, you need a skilled team to carry out research on which specific tokenomic model will work best for your project - that’s where we come in.

Notable Projects

Launched a blockchain based SSI solution listed on several CEXs and DEXs – Cheqd

A key member of the Cheqd’s core founding team that launched its mainnet chain (in the Cosmos ecosystem) in late 2021, with its own crypto-token, CHEQ. CHEQ’s market cap at launch was over $500 million and has ambitions to be a unicorn.

Cheqd offers SSI and digital identity vendors a blockchain based, secure and efficient solution that includes payment rails, allowing vendors to develop sustainable commercial business models. Cheqd to date has secured over 50% of SSI vendors as partners.

Developed the world’s first mental health software

Based on years of academic research, founded the mental wellbeing enhancement software. By helping teams improve their efficiency and reduce stress, whether in the office or working from home, it reduces business costs while supporting mental health and wellbeing of the staff.

Launched a FCA registered fund in 2018 – Zisk Investments

A unique fund offering launched with a structure and offering that’s very unique in that Javed devised this working with specialist lawyers where most UK lawyers do not have an understanding of regulations around this structure. The fund can hold up to €500 million unleveraged assets under management.

Built a multi-award winning proptech platform – Zisk Properties

Founded the multi-award winning UK-based PropTech company to offer innovative solutions through technology. Aiming to revolutionise the property space, by focusing on solving actual problems. This includes fractionalising property investments, connecting global properties with global investors, and streamlining property sales and lettings process.

Providing banking access to the unbanked using blockchain – Humaniq

Played an integral role in the formation and launch of Humaniq, a $100-million startup that aimed to connect 2 billion unbanked Africans with the financial sector through preeminent technologies such as blockchain and biometrics.


Steven, Founder

We are an ongoing client of Javed for several years – requiring regular organic marketing, ongoing quality content creation and combined with on-page & off-page SEO. In addition, Javed and his team also generate leads (both paid and organic) for our two pay to post content websites. Javed helps generate hundreds of paid clients to guest post on these platforms.

Haider, Product Manager

We wanted to launch a new offering for SMEs recently with the target to understand its demand and the product-market fit. Javed suggested avoiding surveys and focus groups – and developing a strategy around the offering itself with an MVP to test the market so we can collect real-life feedback. Javed and his team undertook the market analysis for us, developing a strategy to run paid ads combined with organic (email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns) to reach the end-user. We got the results at the end in a detailed report and Javed has then supported us in refining the offering.


Javed Khattak helped create the brand strategy and identified the target audience. A new product launch amidst the pandemic is really challenging, but Javed and his team ensured that we utilise the limited budget effectively. We started generating sales qualified leads within the first week of launching the campaign. Great work – 10 on 10!


Javed is an outstanding person with a lot of insight and perspective. He helped us create the business plan, 5 years financial projection and the product strategy. The 5 year financial forecast really gave us insight into planning the budget spending. We were also able to identify the key business metrics to focus on in the first 6-12 months.

Javed proved that his vast financial and startups experience is invaluable and we recommend every startup founder to discuss the strategy and financial plan with him!

Dinis, Author, Founder & Influencer

Javed is a man of high level strategy and meticulous focus. His dedicated work supports businesses, their models, and financial infrastructure, coordinating multiple teams and projects around the world. I have been working closely with him for years and respect him as a person, advanced financial and investment advisor, and CFO. I will continue doing so as we navigate through challenging times. Javed is one of the best financial experts and dedicated number crunchers with vision and capacity to go the extra mile and see behind the short term.

The Bottom Line

Real Estate has always been, and continues to be, one of the major drivers of the economy. It is the most constant source of wealth among the affluent. If you are determined to start a property business, or to scale an existing one, know that we have your back.

The economy will recover and consumer trends will shift. Meanwhile, real estate will thrive as long as people need homes, governments deliver services, and manufacturers provide essentials. In the words of Andrew Carnegie - “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

Javed Khattak
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